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Creating mind maps with artificial intelligence

Before getting into the details of creating mind maps with AI, it’s important to understand what mind maps are and why they are useful. A mind map is a visual representation of ideas and concepts, arranged hierarchically and connected to each other. Mind maps are used to organize ideas, planning, problem solving, and decision making.

How to create mind maps with AI

To create mind maps with AI, you can use tools like ChatGPT and Markmap.js. We already know what ChatGPT is and how it works. Markmap.js, on the other hand, is a Javascript library that allows you to easily and quickly create interactive mind maps.

Here are the steps to create a mind map with AI using ChatGPT and Markmap.js:

  • Identify the main theme of the mind map and its subcategories
  • Use ChatGPT to generate a description of the main theme and subcategories
  • Extract the main concepts from the description generated by ChatGPT and organize them hierarchically
  • Use Markmap.js to create the mind map and connect the concepts to each other
  • Customize the mind map with colors, icons, and fonts to make it clearer and more appealing

A concrete example

Let’s open our ChatGPT interface and write:

Create a mind map for writing an article on mind mapping. The map should have 5 levels of depth

    We will get a result similar to this:

    - Scrittura di un articolo sulle mappe mentali
      - Livello 1: Introduzione alle mappe mentali
        - Definizione di mappe mentali
        - Origini e storia delle mappe mentali
        - Importanza e vantaggi nell'utilizzo delle mappe mentali
      - Livello 2: Struttura e componenti delle mappe mentali
        - Elementi fondamentali di una mappa mentale
        - Utilizzo dei nodi e dei collegamenti
        - Stili e colori per migliorare la chiarezza e la comprensione
      - Livello 3: Come creare mappe mentali efficaci
        - Identificare l'argomento centrale e le idee principali
        - Organizzare le idee in modo logico e coerente
        - Utilizzo di immagini, icone e parole chiave per aumentare l'efficacia
      - Livello 4: Applicazioni e benefici delle mappe mentali
        - Utilizzo delle mappe mentali nello studio e nell'apprendimento
        - Applicazioni nel mondo del lavoro e della gestione progetti
        - Come le mappe mentali favoriscono la creatività e la pianificazione
      - Livello 5: Strumenti e risorse per la creazione di mappe mentali
        - Software e applicazioni online per creare mappe mentali
        - Utilizzo della tecnologia per rendere le mappe mentali interattive
        - Risorse e modelli disponibili per la progettazione di mappe mentali

    We copy the result and go to and paste everything into the left window on the screen … and here is our mind map appearing in all its splendor!


    Advantages of using AI to create mind maps

    Using AI to create mind maps offers numerous advantages, including:

    • Speed: AI can generate descriptions and connections between concepts much faster than humans
    • Accuracy: AI can process large amounts of information accurately and coherently
    • Creativity: AI can generate unexpected ideas and connections between concepts, offering new perspectives and solutions
    • Automation: Using AI can minimize repetitive and tedious tasks, allowing users to focus on more important activities

    In summary, using AI to create mind maps can offer many benefits for organizing ideas and solving problems. Using tools like ChatGPT and Markmap.js, you can easily and quickly create interactive mind maps, with amazing results.

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